Post from the bar

Apart from the main man, I would be first here :clap:

Been here for 4 hours actually but been nattering and enjoying some scrummy food :smiley:

I was wondering when someone would post :slight_smile: Have a nice time everyone!

Have a great time all :stuck_out_tongue:

Well done hids :cool:

On my way tommorow at about 11 :slight_smile:

Will be there tomorrow evening sometime :slight_smile:

It will be a ‘Mini’ adventure… :chuckle: And I actually managed to fit the base
unit in its ickle boot :shocked:

Pah its a Tardis really :nod:

Hope its a good weekend for everyone, i’ll try my best to make it next time.


Kidding me right?

I could fit a 25 litre day bag into the boot and that was it :stuck_out_tongue:

Have a good time all.
Shame I cant be there…

:frowning: damn I never get to go! :frowning:

Bout time you slackers posted in here. Just back from the club after a warm up session. :smiley:

still working here - doing as much of a double stint as I can to get there earlier than normal and miss the standard Friday afternoon traffic.


wotcha having DT, will get you one in if im there first

a barrel :sneaky: :chuckle:

Expect to leave here 1pm, go pick up WORMSS from Coventry and arrive in time for some grub :slight_smile:


Preecey and Endre are here too but they stayed firmly glued to bar area last night :lol:

Think Endre had to give up the ghost about 1ish (must have been knackered after that journey :eek: ). Mojo, Preecey and I decided it was bedtime at about 3.15am :smiley:

3:15??? Damn lightweights :smiley:

You know I’m always one of the last ones awake on Fri and Sat nights tart :Poke:

No way I could do it Thursday too :lol:


/waits for TK to arrive with tales of getting 2 mountain bikes in the back of hers.

Bum, I’m going to miss seeing the Mini :frowning:

Yeah, had 2 mountain bikes in the back of mine on lots of occasions, and on another occasion, a bassist, 2 guitarists and a keyboard player, with equipment - including some amps.

Well, a huge thankyou goes out to the TSB bank for not clearing the cheque in time :mad: Thats my suprise visit (even tho for friday evening only) gone outta the window :frowning:

Apologises to all esp. Damski and Hids :frowning:


Looks like I was doing something very wrong!:eek:

Bummer :frowning: