Post from the bar

Well yeh I am sort of early but I’m here , had a few pints and don’t plan on leaving untill Sunday…:smiley:

See some of you soon… well Thur / Fri / Sat


I’m here too (second :()

I’ll be seeing you thursday morning you lucky devils :devil:

Oi you early starters leave some beer for DT on Saturday :chuckle:

Me, Barry and Preecey have been here for a few hours now :smiley: (oh and kids :lol: )


practice run finished for tonight :wasted: I might travel up Friday, I hate getting sloshed then driving back next day :puke:


catch you all Friday evening

awaiting the arrival of all peeps, PMM I have an elecronics puzzler for you so have the thinking cap ready for a few hours when you arrive :slight_smile:

Some clothes suitable for working in might be an idea too :chuckle:

Does not mean swatting up on negative earth does it… :eek:

Negative earth, risidual voltages, relays… we’re a bit stumped. Probably just need an extra pair of fresh eyes.

Been to the bar, done food too :slight_smile:

Hmm, the whole 18volt thing has me plenty confused too :lol:

I be here yippieeeeeeeee

…wonders if its time to bid on a spare 24v - 12v dropper

I be 'ere with a working (after a fashion!) machine. Many thanks to all here who either helped, advised or just plain laughed at the heap of bolts that is a Shuttle!

And this post is brought to you via Vista RC1 running on aformentioned Shuttle

I’m here :cheers:


three pints in just offloaded the computer :cheers:

In honour of you guys, I’m drinking some red stuff with some ice cubes and some fizzy rose wine and some crisps. Don’t know what it is, but it tastes blimmin nice :smiley: