Pot cave! 56k beware

Looks kind of smart but fairly plain from the outside but… I want a house with a basement like this one!

The cave in Trousdale county Tennessee was used to house a sophisticated underground marijuana growing facility. The stash was complete with offices, sleeping quarters, restroom, and a huge climate controlled growing area large enough for 1,000 marijuana plants. All concealed within one of Tennessee 9,000 natural caves and accessible through a hidden passageway below a beautiful vacation home.

more info from Southeastern Out Doors

Cheers :Pimp: (well it seemed like an appropriate smilie :smiley: )

Bloomin ekk thats a lot of tomatoe plants :wink:

Wow, that’s a very impressively built facility.

A very nice games room when they’ve got the plants out :smiley:

impressive! being no expert i have no idea how much leaf or resin one plant produces, or growing time etc. but it seems an awful lot of effort for a little toke though.

WoW Just WoW

According to the article “Investigators estimate that the operation could produce as much as 6 to 8 million dollars worth of marijuana per year”

With that kiind of return every year I’d be willing to put in some effort at work as well :smiley:


Nice…removing the heating and you’d have a nice place to install some PC’s for DC’ing :smiley:

Just watch out for damp :stuck_out_tongue:

That place is amazing! Got to admire their creativity :wink:

I was thinking it would make a great US Mojos type venue - plenty of space and all the power we need at no cost :smiley:

Another forum that was discussing this said the property would end up being auctioned off by the enforcment agencies out there and would likely go for a daft small amount of money just to get it shifted.


Looks like eastern Tennessee, too… could be a nice vacation home. It’s a little far west for me as I looked up the county.

Now that is a truly amazing piece of engineering, they should use that as a musume or somthing