"Pounds for Pounds"

As you all know, in July we were given the news that Caylin has Rett Syndrome. Since then, I’ve been wanting to raise money for Rett UK, a charity that helps support families of people with Rett’s and also supports research into a cure. Well now I have a way and I’m coming to you all with cap in hand :smiley:

From Monday 11/10/10 until 06/12/10 (8 weeks) I am doing a sponsored weight loss called “pounds for pounds”. All the money raised shall be donated to Rett UK. If you would like to sponsor me you can do so on my justgiving page here or you can pm me for bank/address details if you would prefer :slight_smile:

I have also created a facebook group here if you would like to join me and follow my progress on there :slight_smile:

Thank you :kisskiss:

First weigh-in this morning and then it was off to the gym to get sweaty :lol:

Also have the possibility of corporate sponsorship from Total Fitness & have an appointment on Friday to talk to one of the instrusctors about having charity aerobics sessions at the gym :slight_smile:

go for it Hids :slight_smile: Good luck, I’ll think of you when I’m eating my pie and chips :Poke:


Good luck Hids :slight_smile:

Thanks guys :slight_smile: Got my sister-in-law doing one now too :smiley:

Come on, stump up you tight wads, highest bid gets a photo of Hids in a Bikini !

LMAO! Alternatively you could go on facebook, add Barry and see the vid of me making a left breast of myself on the wii :rolleyes:

Barry has said he will take a photo of me in a bikini if you all sponsor me…

That’d be one way to make sure no-one sponsors :chuckle:

Second weigh in today and 5lb lost :smiley:

Was told about this on mobile, have made a direct donation to Rett UK and linked your justgiving page on Facebook, I believe it has already snagged one donation. Hope this is acceptable. Mojo out (again)

Thank you, every penny is most welcome!

Another gruelling session at the gym this morning…only 3 more sessions til I get 2 days off :smiley:

There. Tipped you over the 50% mark. :slight_smile:

Thank you Egad :thumbsup:

Thanks to a nice rebate from the leccy people just donated a bit for you.
Keep up the good work.

Thanks Gaz, very much appreciated :smiley:

Hmm sorry, didn’t update last week. I lost 1lb last week and have lost another 3lb this week :slight_smile:

Call me stupid but I cant see a donation link…

Same here … :sigh:

The link is embedded in the “here” part of “If you would like to sponsor me you can do so on my justgiving page here” :wink: Alternatively, it’s here - http://www.justgiving.com/Melise-Davidson :smiley:

Ah missed it.

Anyhow, donated now. :slight_smile: