Predictor HD space

About how much hard drive space does Predictor use up?

Also, does it tend to say retry in so & so minutes\seconds when you try to update?

Predictor uses about 100mb max I believe, though this can be set via projects prefs.

Yeah says something like that usually. Is that after you force an update?

My predictor files are only occupying @ 2mb ATM, so they are not massive on my system. It depends how long a queue of work you have, but still should not be huge.

As to the “Retry” issue, yes it happens a lot, not just in Predictor though. It depends on how much work the server is releasing or traffic to and from the site. Cause I have Predictor set at a lower level than the other projects (only 20% at present), it can go for days without picking up work.

The program will keep retrying for you until it gets some work, so I tend to leave it alone.

On my machines, Predictor doesn’t seem to be playing fair (with other applications… SETI, Rosetta, Einstein).

When I open a connection to the internet, Predictor is the first cruncher to grab more WU’s. Predictor’s work units always have a earlier deadline, and then as a topper, I get a message that says that BOINC is over committed… changing the algorithm to do the earlier deadlines first.

Has anyone else seen this?

Use this:

and this

to find out info about the scheduler…should help you