Predictor off-line for planned updates

Predictor is down for a few hours to update the web site.
Will have a new main page with more stats and links.
Shouls be back on-line in a few hours.
Steve B.

We like stats :smiley:

:chuckle: Oh Yes :nod:

ah yes, we like stats, especially when we are number 1 in a project :Poke: :Pimp:


Oh well…

Just had to force uploads on my completed units…

Haven’t downloaded anymore :frowning:

Looks like Folding’s got my PC for the weekend…

I was able to get work for 2 computers last evening. One ran out so I also will do 1 folding unit and than try to reload. Hang in there, Predictor will be back soon,and it will be better. :smiley:
Steve B.