Predictor Slackers!!

Come on!
Whips out!

TPR still being out produced by those behind!
63 days until we’re stomped. :frowning:

Lets get those PC’s going!

Only 30 crunchers in the last day!!
And a RAC thats excellent for those small members! Let’s get to No. 1 again!

Failing that…stay here at No.2… :stuck_out_tongue:

I think you’ll find the time to overtake may just be about to increase :devil:

CPDN units are bombing out like crazy at the moment - I know a lot of models are designed to crash but I don’t think I’ve had one complete for a while. Plus it would seem that the hard turn off the other night crashed every unit that was in progress :cry:

XP3000 x3
XP2000 x1
XP1800 x1
p4-2.4 x1

33% of cpu time to Predictor - that should give us a lttle kick :slight_smile:



Let’s get these RAC’s up :devil: