Predictor slow....

Predictor is very slow both uploading and downloading ATM…:frowning:

Selection of speeds…

21/04/2006 12:39:17|Predictor @ Home|Throughput 29 bytes/sec
21/04/2006 12:39:27|Predictor @ Home|Throughput 238 bytes/sec
21/04/2006 12:39:32|Predictor @ Home|Throughput 18 bytes/sec
21/04/2006 12:39:32|Predictor @ Home|Throughput 314 bytes/sec
21/04/2006 12:39:47|Predictor @ Home|Throughput 85 bytes/sec
21/04/2006 12:39:59|Predictor @ Home|Throughput 15 bytes/sec
21/04/2006 12:40:05|Predictor @ Home|Throughput 314 bytes/sec
21/04/2006 12:40:28|Predictor @ Home|Throughput 153 bytes/sec
21/04/2006 12:40:37|Predictor @ Home|Throughput 18 bytes/sec

Yesterday, their url wasn’t responding.

I ran out of wu’s on my one machine… I was waiting to see if it would download some on its own (or if I had to kick-start it).

Seems to have improved now.

I know they were down yesterday…Was gonna post but forgot :stuck_out_tongue:

All appears to be OK today. The machine has downloaded a whole load of WUs now. :nod: