problem and not just me

could not send due to server error
error timeout expired
disgarding result, sorry :eek:

cache is 50, and i’m doing 80 a day on this machine :S andy ideas


increase your cache ? goes up to 200 iirc.
other than that mebbe the servers are down for a bit :confused:

seems the pipeline is down, the error message you get is a bit misleading, the result gets uploaded into a cache (serverside) before uploading into there system, it means the result has been sent and is in the cache, and has been deleted from the Lm dir on you machine so you don’t resend it as a duplicate, you will get credit for any units when the pipeline is back up and running, I’m not very good at explaining but hope you can understand this.

p.s as Spaceboy says it would be a good idea to increase your cache size max is 200 with the 1.0.03 client


The error message is generated after the result is uploaded. Nothing has been lost.

Getting that message too:

Could not send result properly due to a server error.
Unit cached for later insertion. Error: Timeout expired
Discarding results. Sorry.

Means the results are going into the pipeline for later insertion into the database.

First the server process is trying to insert the result into the database directly and if that fails (heavy db load, etc) the result gets into the pipeline for later loading into the database. Server side result caching :wink:

cheers for the info guys :thumbsup: i thought something like that but was speaking to pappistox and he wasnt to sure… he was going to give his machines a rest just in case :eek: