Problem with Rosetta 4.97?

Just been looking at the Rosetta, Free-DC and XtremeSystems forums tonight: many people are loosing huge number of Rosetta WU’s, some are reporting 100% fail rate:eek:

Not clear yet what is the problem, maybe a bad batch of WU, (most seem to report problems on HBLR), but worringly, it only started since the new science app version 4.97 was released :frowning:

I’m still 2 days away from my first 4.97 WU so I can’t confirm 1st hand. Has anyone had any problems on 4.97?

An update…

see this thread in the Rosetta Forum.

It seems the Dr Baker is working on the problem. They have reverted back the the previous code. This will appear as 4.98 in Boinc Manager.

Some people are aborting 4.97 WU. The advice seems to be that is not necessary on all boxes because some Linux and Mac boxes appear not to be affected, whereas Windows seems to be worse impacted (but that could be skewed due to the ratio of platforms used.)

Looks like a Friday afternoon snafu…:mad:

They have also cancelled the HBLR units sent after the version change. Last time I was sent a cancelled unit I didn’t recieve credit for it (or any explanation either) despite it being validated. So despite their assurance to the contrary, personally I’m now going to abort all the 4.97 WU.

I’ve had no issues with the Windows version at all. Still seems to be picking up the units and processing OK. On my 1.8ghz unit I am processing a WU at about 1 per 3.2 hours on version 4.83, which is about right with the other processes I have running in the background. SETIBOINC units are running about 1 per 4hrs and SIMAP about 1 per hour. I’ve had no stuck units for a while now, not since 4.45. :confused:

Just got a batch of 4.98 wu’s, 100% failrate:(

Advice from Rosetta to abort 4 units…

see this note on the Rosetta Forum.

Now off to search 13 machines and hundreds of queued up WU in case I have one of the blighters.

/me thinks = Must get Boincview running Windows<>Linux to make this a lot easier :frowning:


having nearly gone cross-eyed, I found 23 units across all machines :mad: and I guess that I probably missed some of them so more losses to come I think :cussing:

…a further update in this message in the Rosetta forum.

[b]Abort the following WU: