Problems with FC5 isos

I’m trying to download FC5 for a project at work. When installing the OS, the first CD asks to verify the CDs to ensure they are good. Disc1 and 4 come back okay, but 2, 3, and 5 come back reporting errors. I’ve downloaded directly from redhat and from multiple mirror sites and still get these errors. If I skip the check and load it, will there be a problem? Anyone else had this problem?

I tend to skip the verfication on the basis that if it bums out in the install, that’s a pretty good sign it was a duff one :wink:


Have you checked the SHA1SUM for the iso’s in question , if they’re OK burn again at lower speed, if not download again.

Dont think there’s a problem, never had one where all discs passed test;)

This would be my suggestion. If the images are coming out bad from dowloading off the main server and mirrors, try getting them through bittorrent instead. 2) Run the SHA1SUM on those images, if the check out, the image is good. Next, turn you burner down to half, and check the verify files option if available. Still getting problems, its either your burner, or some slightly flawed discs you are burning to.

You should only have to Verify the discs in the installer once, right after you burn the discs and run the install, otherwise, scratches etc on the discs next time you install run the verification again.

Which Size CDs you burning to?

I’m pretty reserved, so I typically get it to check out first, but I’m going with DT’s suggestion to skip verification and see what happens.

I had this problem with FC4, and I’ve heard that it wasn’t fixed with FC5. The problem is not with the CDs you’ve created, it’s with the CD read code in the install program; it tries to read too quickly and bails too easily on anything other than a good return code.

It’s possible to run the install with an option that turns the DMA access off for IDE devices; the install then runs fine, just a nano or two slower. I had a stack of about 16 CDs that I thought were somehow defective; turns out they all were fine all along.

Linky to a discussion of the issue and the command line details here:

Actually it was the burner/OS combo I was using. I was downloading to my Windows box, ftping to a local box and burning the CDs there. I tried downloadnig straight to that box and still had no luck. I finally nicked the burner from the machine and installed it on my Windows box, downloaded a trial of Nero and burned the CDs… worked like a champ. I like it so far, but the system froze everytime it hit the default screensaver. Once I changed to a different one, it works fine.

Now is where I’m jumping in over my head. I’m trying to set up a CMS type system (Geeklog) but I have no PHP, SQL, or DB experience. I’m going to download MyPHPAdmin at someone’s recommendation as I was told this would be very helpful in getting everything going. Still though, I’ve got a lot to figure out. A good learning experience, definitely. Trial by fire, I wish it weren’t.