Probs with lifemapper server?

I can’t download new data. :frowning:

The client says:

“Could not retrieve next species from server. Will try again in five minutes.”

On another machine I get:

“Server error:”

The same when I force the download with File --> Connect now… :confused:

But since the folding client is also running on this machines no cpu-cycles are lost! :slight_smile:

The Same here by me


Sir Ulli

erm looks like its down same here :frowning:

I have one partially mapped and it just keeps restarting at 0%…not noticed that before, I was sure it remembered where you were:confused:

I’ll bet the server is covered in spray and flees so that we don’t stomp the Possums:eek:

Thank goodness Folding is also running (and enjoying the full CPU power :slight_smile: ).

Hope they get it sorted soon - I am sooooo looking forward to Possum roadkill :slight_smile:

It is now back :slight_smile:

Just in time, I have <10% left of this job

So the safety-car left the track and the race resumed! :slight_smile:

still cant connect with my main machine

mmm odd


deffo up again :slight_smile: just checked 95% into a unit so it resumed :slight_smile:

Maybe this is not the best way of storing, but for such eventualities have a few “dual” instances of lifemapper, named LF1, LF2, LF£…etc it kept me going, but then it only works if you notice the server is down, and I for one dont sit in front of the pc watching them do these projects, or any for that matter !!


Yeah its back up for me now.

Probably a DNS change that took its time to filter though!


Down again… “Server error:” hopefully no borkeley-style outage… :rolleyes:

ummm just checked mine and I’m getting the same


Sorry, guys, DB is under maitenance.

For updates check here



so i switch back to Seti for a short time.

Sir Ulli

it is working again:cool:

Sir Ulli

yep, just noticed it’s back working


4:07 - Seems to be offline again. I’m getting server errors. :frowning:

Mine are all crunching again (frogs) but showing old user data; hopefully still result of the ongoing maintenance and correct again after it is done.