Pub, beer, grub and Bilko

OK, so maybe the last part isn’t a great advert, but I don’t work in the ‘marketing’ dept so I’m allowed …

4th July
Location - somewhere that I’ve not been banned from already in Reading for taking a Bilko in without a lead

So far we have an attendees list of

Sgt Bilko
Mickey C

I have to pre warn, this group of misfits may also include a certain TFW as well, although that is currently a rumour.

I’m guessing it’ll involve an all day breakfast, lots of sarcasm with a side dressing of pi$$ taking and an afters of beer, beer and possibly more beer :drink:

The more the merrier, pickups from the station possible, or pointless depending on the location. If there is enough interest we may be forced to book a table :eek:

Anyone up for it - be advised though, you may need the Thursday off work :lol:


B I A T C H !

I went to Sainsbury’s a few days ago and parked in the disabled spaces.
The trolley man quickly came up and said ‘oh yeah, and whats your disability then ?’
I said ’ Tourette’s , now F**K Off ! ’


ROFL :lol:

The 4th of July (took me 20 minutes to work out what day it was calender) if it was the week after I’d go :frowning:

Well have a good un

damn it wednesday, teach karate that nite and i got a blinkin full time job too GRRR, let me know when you do a sunday night they are goood for kyle

Too bad its in an entirely other country otherwise i would come:( But i hope you have plenty of fun and even more :glug: :smiley:

Got a slightly more accurate location than ‘Reading’? Where are people going to crash?

it’s likely to be one of the wetherspoon pubs in the town centre called Back of Beyond as they have a nice outside area for smokers, and a special grill night on Wednesdays + I have a few vouchers.

My front room could sleep three, but I’d have to check with Beckie on that one first really. Back of Beyond is a slow walkers ten minutes away from the train station, can’t recall the last train time other than TFW caught a train last time and it was quite late.


Pub, beer, grub and Bilko

Three out of four aint too bad

Eating is cheating :stuck_out_tongue:

[QUOTE=MrTFWitt;379254]Pub, beer, grub and Bilko

Three out of four aint too bad[/QUOTE]

You leaving the beer alone then ?

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


[QUOTE=Sgt Bilko;379303]You leaving the beer alone then ?

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


You know me, I never have a beer

Trains are regular for me until 23:30, miss the 00:59 and I get a night on the platform or sign away an internal organ for a taxi.

Game on as far as I can see

digs for three ‘friendly’ people sorted at my house, means possibly sharing the cost of a taxi home so I’m happy :lol:

I wonder if RiddlerMarc can be tempted :slight_smile: :drink:


Yep, I’ll be there with two from work.

two days to go - Darts tomorrow as a warm up and then the big night out :smiley:

You considering a venture into Reading Speedo ?


I was, but I can’t get time off work until after the 11th :(. Beginning of the month is always hectic.

Another time…

Time of the month Speedo ?

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: