Public Service Annoucemnt

We interupt your very busy day (spamming) to bring you this :spam: NB. Very very serious report.

Note your computer is at risk if you do not crucnch work for Virtual Team Python. Please join now to avoid any further complications.

Thank you.

Parrots are welcome. Know what I mean? Nudge nudge, :wink: :wink: say no more! :smiley:

Notice on behalf of Team Python:

Try the new deal!

VT Python is now offering places in it’s team for members crunching Folding@home.

Run Folding @home to protect your PC and join VT Python to get all the latest upgrades etc.

Go on, you know you want to. :stuck_out_tongue:

Unsolicited endorsement:
I am running Folding@Home and am a member of Team Python. Since combining the two I have felt warm comfortabel and secure, and my abs, buns and thighs look great as well. I really recommend Team Python to anyone who is having troubles with their hard drive, or their SCSI bus, or even Mr Floppy. It’s easy to use and when you are finished it just folds away (ha!) under the bed.

Seti classic flogs your CPU really really hard, so if you run it there will be no resources left over to run viruses/malware. Boom, instant PC protection :smiley:

Would like to point out that a malware program by the name of “SETI Classic” is doing the rounds.

If you should happen to find this program running on your PC, please remove immediatly and replace with Folding@home…Or any other BOINC project…

SETI classic is supported by Team Python if you wish to keep this program on your machine…

How do I join Team Python and gain the security of crunching 24/7 to squezz out any adware and viruses that would otherwise use my clock cycles for malishness activitys and/or advertising stuff I am not interested in.

I think that is the longest sentence I have ever writen.

You merely have to say the magic words:

“Is this the right room for an argument?”

…and lo, Lord Balrog shall make it so!

Special Offer!!

Join now!
Get another member free!


Running SETI increases your manliness, indeed an increase of an inch isn’t unheard of and it makes you much more appealing to girlies :devil:

Do I get to pick which one??? :devil:

I dont see why not…

Cheapest one free mind! :stuck_out_tongue:

Is this the right room for an argument?

I don’t realy need another inch, but it wouldn’t hurt. :rolleyes:


Het…get out!!

Pollute this clean topic with filth like DILLIGAF!!

We fart in your general direction! :razz: :smiley: