Put a smile on a sick child's face

The site aiming to help people ‘Post a smile on a sick child’s face’

Question - How does this site work?

Answer - Post Pals allows members of the public to log online at their own leisure and find a Pal (a child or teenager with an illness) . They write a simple letter, card and/or gift known as Posty to the Pal without expecting any kind of reply. Pals siblings may also require support, it can be hard when one family member receives a lot of the attention, so we have included the name and age of our Pals brothers and sisters for you to contact if you so wish, you may also wish to enclose a note to the parents.

The main site is here - http://www.postpals.co.uk/index.php

If you can, please take a minute to look through these and send a little note to a sick child to bring a smile to their (or their parents) face. I have sent one today and will be doing more later and will send at least one each day until Christmas.

Please note that some of the stories of the children are distressing :frowning: I will freely admit I was in tears reading some of them, but I hopefully managed to bring a smile to a little girl’s face this morning.

Thank you :slight_smile:

? Linky ?

http://www.postpals.co.uk/index.php :slight_smile: