Race Update 2006-01-08 Folding@Home 50K

----------------Reported Amt -------- Increase Over Start ---------- Increase Last Post (01-07-2006 6:13)
DoubleTop ---------- 334,746 --------------- 15,767 -------------- 2,909
Juggy -------------- 466,493 --------------- 12,836 ---------------- 4,167
Mortlake ----------- 232,906 --------------- 14,428 ----------------- 3,280
Reporting at 09:16 AM 1/8/2006

Looks like Juggy kicked those systems a little…but still needs a little more Horse Power. The Battle between Mortlake & DoubleTop still goes on. Stay tuned to the same BAT time and same BAT channel for the event news :smiley:

Thanks for your posts Greg.
things are going to slow down now, I have only got two 600 pointers on the brew now, and lots of little ones instead :frowning:

I hate when that happens…Same for me and my smaller farm…I’m going to run my setup until 300K is reached then move one more over to D2OL…and the remaining four systems will crunch what they can for F@H. I’m having fun watching you three beat each other about a little…sort of like being a little brother watching older ones beat on each other…:smiley:

I was wondering if once the race is completed if we could get a MHZ count from the three of you…would be nice to use as a base line for others…

Yeah, things are looking a bit better, I think I just had a few high pointers.

My MHZ count is as follows

1 x dual PIII 1ghz = 2 ghz
5 x quad 2.8 ghz xeons = 56 ghz
1 x quad 3.0 ghz xeon = 12 ghz
1 x dual 3.2 ghz P4 = 6.4 ghz
1 x dual 2.8 ghz P4 = 5.6 ghz
1 x single 3.0 ghz P4 = 3 ghz
1 x A64 3200 = 2.2 ghz

All told = 87.2 ghz

99% Intel rubbish by I can’t be choosey. The duals and quads are actually singles and duals with HT.

Once again - cheers for the update. I’ve just taken the time to enter the GHz ratings into dcmonitor for “home”.

At home I have 58.7Ghz, of which 18Ghz is on for as many hours as I am awake, and in current setup 3.6Ghz of it is not even turned on. (2xduron1800’s)

Roughly 30Ghz are diskless nodes, nearly all barton core 2500 and above, a single P4 3.0Ghz that has one core of Folding one on Boinc, and there is a diskless P4 2.4 and the in use LTSP server is a 1.8-P4(at2.4 on water)

Mon-Fri 9-5 office client crunchers I approximate another 15Ghz. 6machines, 2semprons, 3pentium4’s and a celeron.

Estimate crunching costs - well errrmmm, lots :cuckoo:


Not much compared to the other two
1 x dual 2.8Ghz nocona Xeon with HT XP pro
3 x XP2500 mobile @ 12 x 200 1 each Suse 10 , FC4 , FC4/K12LTSP server
1 x XP2500 barton @ 12 x 200 Xp home
1 x XP2500 barton @ 11 x 200 LTSP node (locked multipliers - carp board)
2 x XP1700 T’bred @ 11.5 x 200 1 each LTSP node , Win2k
1 x XP1800 T’bred @ 15 x 137 LTSP node
1 x XP2100 T’bred @ 13 x 166 Win2K
1 x Sempron 2400 @ stock LTSP node
1 x Banias 1500 @ stock (Work lappy) XP pro
1 x Dothan 1600 @ stock (Sshh wifes lappy , she’ll kill me if she finds out) Xp home
1 x P3 500Mhz @ stock old lappy FC4
1 x unknown @stock ( prolly celeron - workstation) Win2K

Edit missed 1 x p4 3.06 Ghz @ stock XP pro
added today dual P? 400 xeon @ stock WinNT (Nice customer) better than nowt.