Rackmount server free to collector

Another one - getting fed up of avoiding tripping up over it.

Free to collector - Reading, Berkshire RG6 postcode


Got some more specs on that? I’m mostly interested in the possible storage, 10 3.5" bays? I could be passing that way Thursday evening.

I’ll check through the other cupboards and get back to you, pretty sure I have the motherboard manual hiding in there somewhere.
I think the SATA card may need a new battery in it, but otherwise it seemed to still boot after all these years.
All the drive bays are empty, from when it was taken out of service many years ago.



amcc 3ware 9550sx-4/8lp si-port
The original booklet of stuff that came with it

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Thanks, looks like the hardware is older than I thought but I’m still interested in the storage potential. The drive bays, they’re SATA? Are the red cables regular SATA? Can they be removed at either case or card end? I’m thinking if I can use this at all I’d need to replace the mobo and raid card with something more modern. It’ll be mostly reused as a case to hold a load of HDs. Assuming that is the case I’ll take it.

If you’re available tomorrow evening, I can get to yours some time… I dunno, but I’d leave Maidenhead area after 6pm tomorrow?

Cables are indeed all regular SATA and I seem to recall it had standard sata drives in Raid5 when in use.

I’ll DM you the address, I’m normally in the office until 7pm so should be just about right.


woohoo - some more space in the office

If you are still looking for a storage solution I have an eight bay one of these

It has a SCSI interface rather than being NAS and has no drives but has all drive trays.
The full model name is an Infortrend A08U-G2421.

I bought this because I needed a PSU to stop my NAS version beeping (so this one beeps)

Plan B is to sell the drive caddies as they are cheap to post, this is a heavy old hector worth more in parts but if you want it as a whole unit you can have it for nowt at some point.
No rush just yet but it is apparently making the bar space look untidy.