Finally got my server rack built in the loft :woot:

3Com Fax Modem
Linksys WAP
Netgear 5 port Gigabit Switch
Patch Panel
Netgear 16 port Gigabit Switch
Dell PowerEdge 2650 server - Dual 2800 Xeon 4Gig Ram 5 x 73Gb disks Raid 5
Dell PowerVault SCSI Array - 14 x 146Gb drives in 2 x 1Tb Raid 5 arrays (Look out at next Mojo’s :wink: )
Rack mount TFT console

All aquired off ebay at a fraction of its original cost :smiley:

Please exscuse my french but f@#k me with a sharp stick:eek:

That is awesome:nod:

Nice cozy place to keep all the pr0n:devil:

That’s some nice kit there. Would love to have something like that!

Top job :smiley:

It was, until I initialised the wrong array while swapping the drives in the powervault :frowning:

I hadn’t backed up the pr0n :rolleyes:

Bummer, is it the 650 or 660F? I know from experience that they can be a little difficult.

Neither, it’s a 220s. Originaly I had 2 arrays. One with 7 disks and one with 3 disks. I added more disks, deleted the second array that had 3 disks. Then instead of creating a new array then initialising it. I initialised the first array, wiping all my data :rolleyes:

Aha, nice unit:thumbsup:

Sweet setup, Deaky.

very nicely done :clap:

Provisions made for desk fans for the summer ?


I think i’ve found what you were originally looking for…

Enter 10 terrabytes in a CM Stacker:eek:

:eek: :eek: :eek: