RCN news 17 Sept 2006

fenix25 has resumed active production - welcome back! The team is currently in 24th position and has just passed 14000 points. This position is roughly consistent with our current production. I’ll let things develop for a week or so before reporting individual progress.

The project was down for a few days - here is why:

sorry for the downtime. Some poor idiot started a DDOS attack on our server. Nothing special about that, we can stand such script kiddie burps. But our central computing dpt. thought the attack came from our server and disabled our account, argh… …

It is now back up and working very nicely again. Here is Bernhard’s assessment of the project’s current standing:

We are not seti@home. One man, one server, 1500 participating hosts. We have no checkpoints and we do not update the progress bar (both issues will be solved but this will take several weeks.) But we guarantee that each workunit will take 2 hours of cpu realtime at maximum. Our server is stable and we have enough work. Users that can live with the mentioned deficiencies will be happy with our project and I’m sure we can cope with many more participating hosts.

I have not found the lack of checkpoints a problem as I keep everything in memory anyway. Percent progress would be nice but I can also live without that since the workunits are reliable - I don’t remember any client errors and I have received credit for all work units completed, even the previous very long ones which exceeded the report deadline.

I don’t think that RCN should become a major focus for the team as a whole, but if a few more members allocate a small percentage of their time to it, the team could get back into the top twenty again, which would be nice (we we 17th for quite a while, but I think that was the result of processing several very long workunits, which won’t be happening any more.) Here is the team link.

It is interesting to participate in a new, smaller project, where the research involves far more directly how to calculate the solution, not just assembling processed data for evaluation.

Yes! Was waiting for it to come back. So few people run it that i’m almost in the top 500 :slight_smile:

True… a few more people running it would be nice. The work units fly pretty quick.

Thanks for the news!