RedHat Server

OK - so the time has come for me to seek help !!

I want to setup a redhat server for two a few main purposes.

  1. Must be able to share the accountancy package TasBook3 under standard network conditions, to enable multi-user access to the programs details

  2. Global address book for use by Outlook on client machines

  3. Ability to back up the above to the internal zip drive with a simple routine a “user” could understand

  4. Not important but would be nice - to run the mail server so as messages are kept on the server so they can be accessed from any machine on the network

  5. Standard firewall settings, and net sharing, the server is to be sat between the net connection ADSL and a ADSL-nat-router…is this the best method for security, effectively two blockers. The dhcp on the router will be turned OFF, and all machines will be set static ip’s.

  6. External log-in to monitor the server’s status, like the NT remote login

I think I’ve covered everything that is wanted. Using RedHat9.0.

Assistance would be greatly appreciated, I have read a book but would have better spent time physically using Redhat I think as it really didn’t shed a huge amount of light.



wow - good plans DT :smiley:

I’ll see what I can help with after my 2nd Interview this afternoon :wink:

dude dont use standard firewall settings :stuck_out_tongue:

install webmin for remote access:

install shorewall firewall:

use webmin to configure shorewall

use webmin to manage other servers like webservers, mail servers, etc

and dont, under any circumstances, make the mistake like most people make, and install rpm versions of server software, apart from mysql

rpm versions of apache, sendmail, exim etc are usually out of date, and out of date servers mean u get hacked.

u can, use rpms for mysql, because the mysql team always package an up-to-date rpm version of mysql.