Regedit problem

Hey guys, I have recently installed skype on my machine, and all is working perfectly, then my friend suggests that i get SAM(Skype Answering Machine) so I do this, and now it is not working so i try to uninstall it, and it lets me, however, i cannot reinstall it to fix the error because there are 2 registry entries that need deleting, these are LEGACY_SAMSS, and LEGACY_SAMVIRTUALCABLE. In order to run the program i need to reinstall SAM but in order to do that i need to remove these entries from the registry so the install can put new ones up to sort the problem, however(again), i cannot delete these entries, when i try to delete the 2 folder entries, it comes up with an error telling me that there was an error while trying to delet the registry key, normally i wouldn’t need help with such things but i am stumped on this one, can anyone help?

Thnx in advance

It sounds like its time to use “System Restore” to go back to when skype was working.

I shall try this, thnx

may sound like a daft question but have you tried deleting it whilst in safe mode?

yes, i have, i still get the same problem

system restore doesn’t seem to be working either, i can’t restore it at all, no restore points available