Removing V3 Operator Logo

Anyone know how to remove the V3 operator logo?

It’s poiling my backgroudn pictures:(

Any help would be nice.

If you go to the planetmotox forum they have loads of funky tools that allow you to mod the phone through the data cable. Did mine and added a video capability to it. Dead easy to do.

Cheers Tankgirl!

Also looks like a very nice site! Bookmarked! :thumbsup:

rest assured u mod your phone gurantee…and insurance and all that are void !!

Not that I had any AFAIK.

This was bought at Tesco’s…I’m on Tesco…and there little logo is in the way of my background pic! :frowning:

:crash: problem solved :stuck_out_tongue:
you did say…



Anyhow…looks like I screwed up…
The program requires you to install a different driver that it includes for the modem and I didn’t so the program wont work! :lol:

Will have a play on a different USB port :stuck_out_tongue: