Round Table

I’m being inducted into the Round Table tonight :eek: I’m not too sure what it involves - no rolled up trousers and dodgy hand shakes though :wink:

They are a good bunch of guys and the amount of money they give to local good causes is amaizing.:slight_smile:

So you will be the next man in a red suit and on a sleigh going through the streets :wink:

They do put a lot back into the community the did a lot of work in the village i am from

Good luck for tonight and dont get scared if they roll there trousers up and give you a wink :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck - and I am sure you will be a valuable addition to their numbers :slight_smile:

:eek: Had to read that through slowly :wink:

They eat ham and jam and spam a lot apparently :wink:

Probably some :smackbum: involved! :lol:


Their mother was a hamster and their father smelt of elderberries!! Ni !!

sooooo how did it go was there an initiation (sp) :wink:

He’s still probably chained to a lamp-post dressed in a gimp suit somewhere :stuck_out_tongue:

Just been released from the dungeon :wink: Nothing to it really, I just had to drink copious amounts of Directors :cheers:

I think I might join too!! :smiley: