how do i make my router secure anyone tell me please i been told it’s something to do with the wep thingy on it .As you can tell i have no idea what i’m on about…lol
many thanks
brucie :slight_smile:

Assuming you’re talking wireless from WEP then. Basically don’t use WEP unless there’s no other choice! It’s been broken (as in, insecure) for years. Try to use WPA. Somewhere in the router settings you can turn on WPA, and give it a passphrase. Do same on remote unit. That should be it.

WPA nice and simple to setup.

Go into the router, find the security settings, enable WPA and enter a passphrase. Now when you windows clients try to connect, they’ll ask for a passphrase. Just enter what you put into the router.

Oh and it’s only needed once :slight_smile:

thanks guys will look at that now thanks :slight_smile:

I have my Linksys set for…

SSID Wireless Broadcast: Disable
Security Mode: WPA Personal
WPA Algorithm: AES
Group Shared Key: (something impossible to guess)
Wireless MAC Filter: Disable (If you’re paranoid, enable this one & fill out the table)

I did have my Security Mode set for “WPA2 Personal” until I inherited a Sony VAIO. The VAIO couldn’t handle this newer setting, so I dropped the entire wireless network back to “WPA Personal”.

try this patch to xp-sp2 Tom - my notebook was the same until I came across this


Be paranoid, for most of us MAC security is painless, you only need to do it once, it just makes life harder for smallbrains wanting to break in. Not unbreakable - but no security is. If your router supports it I’d enable it personally.

Register an external USB adaptor and if you have visitors lend them that one so they are already on a legal MAC when they login :slight_smile:

try this patch to xp-sp2 Tom - my notebook was the same until I came across this

Thanks DT. I tried it but the drop-down box still only shows the choices from 2003. I think its a driver issue.

How does SSID hiding work?

I’ve setup the network now and all the people in our house can see it. Do I just turn off SSID braodcast and we’ll all remain connected to our network?

nutshell yes - ssid hiding is easier than wep :wink: I had mine hidden but it caused issues for some reason, and as I know pretty much any sniffing tool will find the ssid anyway - I’ve simply left mine on.

My wireless security is simple and good for the bills :wink: If I’m not in then it’s off !!


You using the software from sony, prolly not updated to include it, try the windows software.