Safe to delete computers from list on SETI BOINC site

My account on the SETI BOINC site lists a whole mish mash of machines, most of which now no longer exist or their OS has changed - is it safe to delete them or will that delete results those machines have accumulated?

If the machine has results {if I remember correctly} you can’t delete it anways

Isnt there a merge computers option?


It only works if they are the same processor family and OS.

Yeah…I know I can merge mine everytime I had to reattach to CPDN but they were all the same…

Think you might have to try as Link says or keep them there really. :frowning:

As long as the computer names match, you can merge them. When I upgraded Mel’s computer from a PIII 600 to the Athlon 1.2, I merely merged the two computers on the list, no problems. Not sure how it would work if you have multiple computers with the same name but different processors. Would probably show up new each time they had validated results.