Saiud the server to the client

In responce of “conssered” posts to error messages telling seti@home the was no work to send

scarecrow explained what the messages ment:

The client walked up to the server…
Let me have some work, please it said.

We’re all out said the server.

oh, well then, give me some work then said the client

We’re OUT of work said the server a little louder.

Ah, I see, the client said, In that case let me have some more work

Sighing, the server said let me put it this way… Do you see the ‘res’ in results?

Yes, said the client

And do you see the ‘cred’ in credits?, asked the server

Sure do, responded the client

And do you see the ‘freak’ in work?, the server asked

That’s silly, said the client, there’s no freak in work

THAT’S what I’ve been trying to tell you! shouted the server

…and they all lived happily everafter… the end


Oh dear…:stuck_out_tongue:


lol :smiley:
nice one roguebfl :thumbsup:

LMAO, the server should have said to go over to Rosetta! :lol:

lol i liked that one hee hee