Samsung D600e

Just a little review here for anyone thinking of upgrading their phone.

I’ve had this phone for about a week now and I have to say i’m impressed.

I bought mine for £200 on the Orange website. If you were to buy it instore it set you back around £250. This is on pay as you go by the way.

First Impressions
Got off to a shaky start with the security bar not coming off when I registered the phone. A quick call to customer services the following afternoon though sorted this out. The phones looks are amazing in my opinion and when it comes to phones im very picky. The sliding function acts as a lock so you cant accidentely phone people when its in your pocket.

A few days in
The bluetooth works great, im a little disappointed that you cant send messages across it though like on other phones. The only other problems i have with this phone are that you cant set pictures to contacts and you cant have custom message tones.

The camera is superb. 2mp is plenty. Even in broad daylight a perfect video can be shot. The still photo function has easy to adjust brightness and zoom settings. Another little perk is the added button on the side which acts as a photo taking button instead of using the OK key. Sound quality is good with two speakers. one either side of the headset.

The phone features a nice TV out feature for viewing movies and and photos. Word and powerpoint documents can be viewed on this handset (I’ve only tried powepoint which isnt all that clear but i suppose it would be ok when using the TV out adapter). There is a slot for flash cards also and the camera has its own flash feature.

To conclude, I really like this phone. I would give it an 8/10 overall. For a detailed spec and images go here. This site gives a nice comparison between the phone and its predeccessor.