Save the Stanford Radio Telescope Dishes

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but i am in for this at place 575

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Sir Ulli

Thanks Hon.
This is one I should have been on top of…
I am going to contact them and see what else can be done…
Again thanks very much.

I am number 1301.

Beat YA! 1299!:smiley:

1305 is joining the drive!! :smiley: Cheers Ulli :thumbsup:

Again Thanks Ulli…
Spoke with Bob Lash, I’ll be putting something together…
But I have to admit… Does not look good. Stanford is rejecting all request to hold off. They have been asked by Dr. Lash to wait on demolition until the State of California can rule on its historical status at a State hearing expected August 4th.

March 10th, 2006

To all Bracewell Observatory rescue supporters,

I just received word that in spite of our best efforts, and in spite of an expected August 4th, 2006 State hearing to rule on its historical status, Stanford began demolition of the five 60 foot dishes of the Bracewell Observatory today.

Why Stanford has been so determined to demolish the observatory, for no compelling reason, remains an enigma.

( thought I would share this with you ) Heidi

I thought you would enjoy seeing some remarkable photos of the construction of the Bracewell Observatory dishes on-site, circa 1967, which were just scanned in by FBOA volunteer Keri Kukral (thank you Keri!!) and are now viewable online at:

Keri also led the filming of an interview with Professor Bracewell yesterday as part of her larger historical documentary on Radio Astronomy which is planned to be submitted to the Sundance Film Festival.

I learned today that it may be possible to get access to the 45 foot dish at General Dynamics even before it is decommissioned, in a possible joint-use scenario. I’ll update you further as events unfold.

Best wishes,