Scary Packets :eek:

I was reading about this yesterday, interesting stuff indeed… sadly, the first thing I thought of was “hmm, maybe it’s some sort of viral attack akin to Independance Day” - think I need to get out more :wink:

Spookily, I have just finished reading that article and come back to find you have linked it:D …like minds;)

I was reading a couple of weeks ago about someone intercepting large ping packets from a win2k server on his network.

Upon very close inspection the packets contained half a microsoft login in BMP format.

It was from the register or the inquirer but I cant find the link at the moment.

I’m wondering if these big packets are simply MS “logo” packets leaking out to the net ?,3959,1132253,00.asp

Security experts finally have a handle on mystery malware that was generating loads of suspicious IP traffic over the last few weeks.