@scott_uk_7 re todays news report

As most are aware, the news_phoenix.txt has been a manual cobble for a while now, after working on the statto this morning for the html outputs I’ve simply got to get to “proper” work and hence have ran out of time. All the files I use to compile the news are there, the stomps.txt is the “assistive” file for the news, the rest is just formatting.

Sorry mate - just a one off, tomorrow I’ll get the news report more assistive (there are a few probs with stomps within stomps and high stomp values)


So it’ll all flow like silk for my turn tomorrow :smiley:

I remember t5he stomp logic being a real mind bender.

Been working on this stats run for about half an hour now. Should be done shortly. Cheers for the heads up.

Any chance of tomorrows stats run being a smooth run DT. No worries if not as I can edit my post from friday to save time.

tomorrow will be fine, more concerned that Berkeley have not updated todays yet at the moment :frowning:


Excellent news :thumbsup: Thanks DT

the XML from Berkeley hasn’t updated since 24-Mar-2006 14:29 :frowning:


So no news until its updated then. Have berkeley issued any statements to why its not been updated?

posted on the seti boards and I am awaiting being flamed … :sigh:


we have new stats :woot: