screen blackouts


I’ve not had much luck with Asrock mobo’s, one was dead on arrival and 2 bricked during BIOS updates.

1st choice for me is ASUS My 2 main systems are running ROG mobos and they are solid!!! Expensive for an AMD mobo, but worth it.

2nd choice is Gigabyte, I’ve built 2 MiniITX sytems with them and they are decent enough but not great for overclocking. Had a few of the cheaper Gigabyte boards die on me over the years, but the more expensive ones seem to be better.


The Gigabyte board was not the most expensive, around £46, and I have had a £40 mini-ATX one for another machine previously with no major issues until it died and I installed the Asrock. Might try the Asus as they seem to get good reviews for the most part.