Second Chance Ebay

Received a pukkah looking email this morning offering me a second chance on a telescope I was bidding for. ‘Please send me a cheque for £520 and I’ll ship to you’.
Not even from the original vendor’s account. :chuckle: YOU WISH

Sent an email back offering cash on collection - just in case it was cosher, then promply reported it to EBay :smiley:

The lengths some people goto to get money of people.

Anyhow, at least you could have stopped a cheque :wink:

yer any lengths…

so yer if everyone wants to send me money pref $1000/£500 then yer go ahead :wink:

sorry Bin, I don’t deal in $$$$'s only £££’s

shame about that missing key of yours aint it :stuck_out_tongue:

I think you should read again as the terms and conditions have changed :deal:

aaah, so I see :eyes:

would you like the copy £500 or the paste £500 :wink:

me thinks :wolram: is too clever …anyone else ?

Balrog, you should post that persons email addy here and let the bots do a little work for you.

I think it was

I think he could become famous soon enough :smiley: :smiley:

It’s in google already! Those are some fast bots!

Those Ebay secon chance offer scammers deserve all they get, So in due Ebay to assist the bots who pick up scammers some more, have some more info about Ebay scammers on second chance offers.
be sure to email if you want anything from any ebay second chance offer scam, is certainly the person to ask for how to scam people at ebay. Was a good job that no-one mentioned porn in this thread, as that could break the no porn rules of this board. Was he offering second chance ebay offers on Alizee wiggle bum and for her song “J’en Ai Marre” ?

tum ti tum - well worth the bandwidth hits :chuckle:



All the good wordage there DT :slight_smile: