Selling on eBay - post your items here

Headphones didn’t sell either - there was what looked like a real bidder, and then just as was about to end a newly registered account bid to win and instantly I received a “suspicious buyer alert” and then eBay just delete the listing entirely. Happened a few times now - apparently you then get a fake “post now” as buyer has paid email and some people must fall for it and ship out items that you’ve not been paid for.

The “real” bidder didn’t respond to the second chance offer I sent once eBay support re-instated the listing, but that wasn’t really a surprise as the second change only allowed me to offer the listing at the highest bid the buyer had made. Was winning at £9, fake bidder went to £14 and I couldn’t reset back to £9 - had to send an offer of £13.50.

tldr; - eBay becoming 98% scam artists.