SETI Boinc down again

June 9, 2005
The file server containing the upload/download storage hung again. Engineers are diagnosing the problem now. :mad:

I’m glad I never schooled at Berkeley, wouldn’t have gotten anything done :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah but they really know how to party! :guitar: :whip: :wasted: :glug: :drink: :rocker:

give it up and move to Folding !! u know it makes sense !!

Never!! :vader:

they have Probs holy the last Days

June 9, 2005
We are back online after recovering from a file server crash. We will receive an OS revision soon that should prevent this from happening again. In the meantime we are refraining from doing snapshots (a backup method) on the file server as active snapshots seem to be part of the problem.

June 8, 2005
Update: data service is back online as of 04:15 UTC.

June 7, 2005
The file server containing the upload/download storage hung again. It is rebooting now and will have to resync its RAID before we can restart data service

but with my three Days Cache i have no Probs after all…

Sir Ulli

Ive gotten intermitant now connections for the last hour… :smiley:

:Offtopic: sort of… Sir Ulli mentioned having a three day cache same as I do here at home. Since I upgraded my computer last week and moved all my old work over it is still tied to the same computer for BOINC. I last connected yesterday evening but ran out of units in the middle of the day today… Will it gradually increase the number of units I get until I get a true three day cache? Or do I just need to up it to 6 or so?

Yep…it’s trying to catch up.

i dont know, here is my Athlon 2500 on an Nforce Mobo running only SETI with an 3 Days Cache

Picture one

Picture two

i have no pobs, but a higher Cache can be better, you have to look at the Deadline…

sir Ulli

I think it has something to do with the fact that instead of starting a new computer under boinc in simply added this one into my old setup for the 1400 amd…
I installed boinc on the new puter and then overwrote the boinc directory with the one off the old HD… Here is the account page…remember this computer was just built last week…but its credits are going toward the old cpu’s amounts