Seti/BOINC News

November 17, 2004 - 20:00 UTC

The upload/download disk array has been well-behaved over the past week, so we have moved on to other hardware projects.

We are in the process of moving the alpha/beta test projects over to a new linux system. This will allow us to test our whole server suite on a platform other than solaris. As well, since the system is completely detached from everything else, if our public projects go down, the alpha/betas will still remain active (and vice versa).

As part of SETI@home classic ramping down, we are busy cleaning up the old on-line database (an intemediary database that doesn’t exist in BOINC) as well as preparing a new master database that will contain classic and BOINC SETI@home data on a system with higher capacity/throughput. We are also planning for much more capacity/throughput on the main BOINC database (adding hardware raid, a db replica server, etc.).

We are still far from forcing old SETI@home users to move over to BOINC. When BOINC is poised to take on 500,000 more users, we’ll throw the switch.

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Berkeley is borked

SETI@home is temporarily shut down for maintenance - database tables are being checked after an ungraceful shutdown. Please try again later.

since hours…

Sir Ulli

Interesting to read about their intentions for the future of Classic.

Whether they eventually achieve their goal remains to be seen :devil:

Berkeley is back up

November 18, 2004 - 22:00 UTC
During a routine operation to bounce the projects for database snapshot/backup purposes, the database server lost track of the database volume and hung. We had to power cycle the machine to get it to reboot, then reboot it again after fsck’ing the drives (fsck = file system check).

Once we were back up, we wanted to make sure the database didn’t suffer any corruption, and so we checked most of the tables. All of them checked out okay, which isn’t surprising as the database was quiescent when the server misbehaved. Everything is back up and running now.

Interesting to read about their intentions for the future of Classic.

yes :smiley:

Sir Ulli

they take Hands on the Hardware, for the new 500.000 Users, to Handle this, …

SETI at home is in the process of ordering an Opteron
(either 2 or 4 CPU, 8 or 16 GB RAM, not determined yet).
This will be our MySQL server, and will probably run Linux.
Apparently there’s currently a Linux bug that prevents a
process from using > 4GB memory.
So we may end up running Solaris if it’s available by then.

We expect that this will give us the DB performance we need to
transition all users from SETI at home Classic to SETI at home BOINC.

– David

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this is the right Hardware i think :wink:

Sir Ulli

found just an update at the Taskbase Task #1478

This is a description of the ongoing plan to install the hardware, software and data for the Sun Opteron V40 server.


V40 Opteron
CPU:2x AMD64 proc (1.8GHz)
Disk: ?

Sparc koloth
disk: d1000

OS: Linux 64 bit RH 9(?)
Mysql: Rel 4.0.22 64bit for Opteron/Linux
(perhaps 4.1.x may be used in Jan 05)

Migrste 70GB data from current BOINC db server to Opteron.

  1. Snapshot db files/directories from master db
  2. File copy snapshot to koloth - d1000 disk
  3. DbDump SETI_BOINC db to Opteron 3510 disk.
  4. DbLoad data from DbDump

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