SETI BOINC stats - 5th June 2005

5th June 2005

SETI BOINC Flame - as at 4th June 2005 18:44 GMT

We are still currently at 13th position and our production is keeping us well ahead of The Planetary Society who are still falling back. We are staying ahead of the Little White Dog Team, but not by much and once again we are still making slight in-roads into the Universal Examiner’s score as well.

SETI BOINC Team Table 04/06/2005

New Recruits
Please give a big :wavey: welcome to Roj, Bob Gaspardino, RobbyT & Lord grohas who all join us this week in Division 4. Welcome aboard guys! :thumbsup:

Please give a fond farewell to Radar 2 who leaves us and is currently crunching solo. You’re always welcome back m8. :nod:

Those removing articles of clothing this week:

wheelieslug loses his straitjacket on reaching 10000 cobblestones
tony@work loses his foot-shackles on reaching 20000 cobblestones
pong loses his earplugs on reaching 50000 cobblestones
AGD loses his gag on reaching 60000 cobblestones
Charlie1 loses his blindfold on reaching 70000 cobblestones
Donna^^O^^Darko loses her shirt on reaching 80000 cobblestones
and Rythim and Dancin lose their trousers on reaching 90000 cobblestones

Excellent crunching guys. Well done everyone. :funknana:

Position change from 28/05/2005 19:02 GMT to 04/06/2005 18:44 GMT

Good production again this week. The loss of Radar 2 from Division 2 has affected our overall total and has caused a lot of team members to move up a rung without actually stomping, so I’ve taken that into consideration with the report. Here are the stats:

Premier League (click to view)

Burlsey moves up 1 position to 2nd, stomping The Lowfield super-computer

Division 1 (click to view)

JUGGY moves up 5 positions to 1st, stomping sirgaz, riddlermarc, Islander, and more
Rythim and Dancin move up 4 positions to 10th, stomping Steve Harthon, Jim Wile, GAteKeeper, and more
GAteKeeper moves up 2 positions to 13th, stomping Razinhell and luke
Tanktrooper moves up 4 positions to 17th, stomping the Stomping Boyos, Spaceboy, and more
TPR-MarkONE moves up 5 positions to 19th, stomping Spaceboy, Peige, ike, and more
Captain Beyond moves up 2 positions to 28th, stomping Endre and HellOnIce
AGD moves up 3 positions to 33rd, stomping Scott(1), ColossusX and R33
Scott(1) moves up 1 position to 34th, stomping ColossusX
andyu moves up 2 positions to 38th, stomping Fatterbob and Joe
Frank A. Ross moves up 2 positions to 39th, stomping Fatterbob and Joe
pong moves up 1 position to 44th, stomping Tim Clarke
Graham Barrow moves up 2 positions to 46th, stomping Sigg and jalagon

Division 2 (click to view)

blanketpower moves up 3 positions to 6th, stomping Russell L. Wright, MAx-2001 and Mordant
tony@work moves up an awesome 9 positions to 10th, stomping Ronald C. Spencer, Gerald Saunders, Spacey, and more
The Dirts moves up 2 positions to 20th, stomping Beren and Mike Killmeyer
FLH moves up 3 positions to 24th, stomping Thentil, Mathena and Mirek Sabiniewicz
Paul Day moves up 2 positions to 29th, stomping SJ761 and wolf
wheelieslug moves up an impressive 7 positions to 32nd, stomping Gandalf, bugs, Kamiles, and more
Michael Roberts moves up 2 positions to 45th, stomping Rys and Tackleway
PROMOTED!Tackleway moves up an impressive 8 positions to 47th, stomping phees, Mick, Shanks, and more
PROMOTED!phees moves up 4 positions to 48th, stomping Mick, Shanks, merlin, and more

Division 3 (click to view)

Kevin Beasley moves up an awesome 17 positions to 3rd, stomping Laurence, tony, DaGoof, and more
The Brotherhood moves up an impressive 6 positions to 7th, stomping Dale, jason fisher, Fantstav, and more
Fantstav moves up 2 positions to 10th, stomping blackhawk_45 and roguebfl
MaddMattG moves up an awesome 17 positions to 15th, stomping Tony C, Vortex, active32, and more
Tony C moves up an impressive 10 positions to 16th, stomping Vortex, active32, Speedo, and more
active32 moves up 1 position to 18th, stomping Speedo
rolandsea moves up 4 positions to 27th, stomping Audra, Fleshwound, Abie, and more
Ulysses moves up 4 positions to 33rd, stomping NeoCow, mackerel [TPR] and more
FukusukeMix moves up an impressive 9 positions to 36th, stomping kevdt67, pmurphy, Sgt Bilko, and more mackerel [TPR], and more
pmurphy moves up 1 position to 38th, stomping Sgt Bilko
PROMOTED!Jaerik moves up an impressive 9 positions to 44th, stomping whale, drezha, kuede, and more
PROMOTED!Andy Wood moves up 2 positions to 50th, stomping MMJ and bgl2

Division 4 (click to view)

Timothy Steinbrunner moves up an impressive 11 positions to 3rd, stomping Cow Biscuit, scott, Deac Starkiller, and more
Death moves up 4 positions to 13th, stomping henry, John S. (Low IFR) Jenkins, Milos Petrovic, and more
RoJ joins us in Division 4 and starts his rise to fame in 27th position. Welcome aboard m8 :thumbsup:
Bob Gaspardino joins us in Division 4 and starts his rise to fame in 31st position. Welcome aboard m8 :thumbsup:
RobbyT joins us in Division 4 and starts his rise to fame in 34th position. Welcome aboard m8 :thumbsup:
Lord grohas joins us in Division 4 and starts his rise to fame in 40th position. Welcome aboard m8 :thumbsup:

Well thats the stats for this week, but remember if there are other things you want to see included, let me know and I’ll see what I can do. Cheers for now!!

Monthlys arent looking in our favour ATM, squeeze harder guys (and dolls).
We shall have to see how the prolonged outage affected our score (one of my rigs was without w00ts for at least 24hrs).

Top news as always droid.


Thanks for the news! :cheers:

all :hail: Droid for the Seti stats :trophy:

Cheers :cheers: m8y :thumbsup:


Yo, on that. No straight jacket? Yoiks!

Leaps around and does a Mick Jagger. Or is that Cliff Richard?

I dunno, I get so confused…:slight_smile:

Thanks El’Droid:thumbsup:

:woot: No shirt…:eek:
Thanks for the nooz Droid :thumbsup:

Ooooh! Donna with no shirt :smiley:
Well done :thumbsup:
Cheers Droid

Good news there Droid! :thumbsup:

Gonna have to kick this up a notch I guess. Been a slacker for the last few days. Lost a lot of credit because I didn’t stay on top of the uploading. :eek:

May have to lower my cache settings from 10 days to 5 or so. :wasted:

Probably a good idea, Storm. The only issue I have at the moment is the scheduler in 4.43. It’s set to run 50/50 with Predictor, but won’t download new work units if there is other work in the cache that might reach deadline first. The only way you can force it to download new work is by physically suspending the other program and then after it has downloaded the units, resume it. It is a bit annoying.

Darn Darn Darn Darn Darn.

I’d be almost at the top of Div 3 by now if it weren’t for that outage. Already showing 800 more cobbles than I had at the time of the update! Thankfully, I’d set my cache time to 5 days on my 3 crunching machines, so they had work to do, and just couldn’t upload it.

I expect to be in Div 2 by this coming Sunday.


I expect no less this Sunday then Matt. :bondage: those crunchers!! :smiley: