Seti CLI "off-network" question

How does one put the Seti@home Cli onto a computer with no network/internet access? It’s a P3 600 running Win’98.

To me it’s obviously possible to crunch dem woots on any machine but … do i just install it as normal on it and then copy the woots finished onto a floppy to put back on this machine?

What files of mine do i need to put onto the machine in the first place so it can crunch (under this account) and which ones then need to be copied back to here to get dem credited here?

All replies with photos will be answered first :smiley:

Make Folder on PC with internet
Copy Seti Driver and 3.03cli into new Folder
Connect and download WU’s
Copy Seti Driver and 3.03 and move 2 Wu’s onto a floppy

Make folder on P3 600 and Move the contents of the floppy

And your off

You can now top up the P3 600 at a rate of 4 wu’s / floppy

When wu’s are complete (file size a few k) you can move them back, you just need to rename the folders with the wu’s in, to a number larger than any on the donor PC

Remember to close down Driver when moving Wu’s :slight_smile:

Many thanks M@tt m8

Something like This for a Tenner would be ideal

Now would you beleve I’ve been thinking about puting set driver onto a USB memory stick, but I was thinking along the lines off, I could have it autorun, when the stick was inserted! you walk up to a machine, stick the stick in, and bingo! it’s crunching.

Just a little something I was thinking about, will try it out one day when I get time…


Thanks for your advice Matt … however …

  • got the old machine up and runnning again OK (no USB port on the mobo so couldn’t do it via your stick photo :frowning: )
  • followed your instructions exactly as above OK
  • copied 2 woos and Seti Driver over OK
  • crunching started OK.

BUT, after i checked it this morning Seti Driver appears to have re-started the 1st wu again without going onto the 2nd (& this was after leaving it alone for 36 hrs just to see if it would take the same time to do both - it said 16 hrs to do the 1st).

Any ideas as to what i’ve done wrong ? :confused:

You might find it easier to run SETI Hide on your computers if you plan to transfer units between computers. I use 2 computers with no net connection and SETI Hide makes it a simple process. You can import and export work units from a floppy disk with the click of a mouse. No makeing folders or copying files. Just insert the floppy and click away. It makes the process simple.
If you need help, let me know.
Steve B.

Thanks SB - i’ll give it a go and PM you if i have a prob.

Still doesn’t solve the prob of why the “endless loop” tho’:confused:

It should work, I did it that way for months, all I can think of is either Driver or the cli have become corrupted.