SETI estimated time problem

After a series a series of harware failures and a couple of self inflicted self-inflicted wounds to my computer over the past few days I was finally able to restart Boinc. When I did I got a “cant sparse state file” and lost all of my SETI and Simap units :mad:.

Althoug I felt bad about losing the units, I just figured it was one of those trhings that happens. So Boinc went through running its benchmarks 2023 Whet and 6971 Dhry. Then it procedes to download 1 SETI unit, estimate the time at over for hours, and say the computer is overcommitted.

So, I try to reset the projects… same thing.

Getting desperate I completely uninstalled Boinc, Downloaded the newest version from Berkeley and install it download TruXoft’s boinc app and install it. Download Crunch3r’s SETI client, attach to SETI and install Crunch3r. (this is all the same I was running previously)

Still setimates at almost four hours and overcommits after downloading 1 unit. It seems to be running fine, 40% complete after only 16 minutes :confused:

not sure on the overcomits error but i noticed time stated sometimes does run little high and will drop after if finnishes a few units to actulal avg time each unit takes

Perhaps you still have a hardware error? CPU not at full throttle, or possibly damaged CPU cache?

dont think its hardware… the actual finish times are on mark for what i was doing before. Just checked and the last four returned in 25-30 minutes.

is the PC location set right?

Is it set to home/office/school or something and uysing those preferences rather than the normal ones you had before?

I know with QMC I think it was, default PC location was – rather than any in particular so it was using my default prefs rather than home prefs so wasn’t running how I liked.

Thats on explanation I guess. Something similiar happened when I connected to SIMAP again…default location is work for my laptop…but this was a home pref PC…took me a while to work out why it was only downloading 4 or 5 WU’s…

Yelp… location still set to home as it should be… checked before I came to work this morning and the estimated times were down to an hour and had several units in queue.

I dont understand real well how the truxoft client works, but it seems that maybe the more units go through the closer to normal it is becoming.