SETI woes...

Ran out of SETI wu’s which struck me as odd…

We are out of work to send out, and probably will be for the whole weekend. Here’s why:

Recently Sun donated a new server (see below for details) which we decided to make our new science database. Our current science database works just fine, but is on an older (slower) system with a used set of fibre channel disks that frequently fail for one reason or another.

We finally got the new server set up to our liking last week and started unloading all the database tables this week from the old system. The increased disk activity caused the aforementioned disks to completely freak out last night. We had to shut down the science database this morning and we are still in the process of recovering the system.

While most of the BOINC backend functions without any dependency on the science database, the splitters and assimilators do not. The assimilators being off are no big deal - this just means a delay in moving results on disk into the database. But when the splitters are off no new work can be created, and our queue of work to send already ran dry this afternoon.

It is highly unlikely we will get the database back up before the end of the day, or anytime this weekend. Even if we do, our highest priority will be to unload the remaining few database tables before the disks crash again.

If you want to keep your computers busy, you can always work on multiple projects.

Well, the nice thing is that when they are done they will have more power than they do now…

Such is life when crunching for science :smiley:

stats xml haven’t updated either :frowning:


So whatchya crunching instead?

SIMAP for me…

Thanks for the news. I haven’t been affected yet.

When I run out I may go with either Rosetta or Einstein.

I should have enough work to make it untill about Tuesday before I run out. If I do run out, then I will get some work from Predictor for a day or two.

Predictor is out of work as well IIR. SIMAP crunching away… although I am upset because I planned to fire up another rig with SETI this weekend… now it will have to wait until wednesday when i’m not working.

i will be just fine. no stopping crunching for me… i have 10 days worth of work units stored up so i can weather the shortage or an internet outage for a little time. IMO it would advantageous to store at least a few extra units on your comps. just in case anything happens along the way.

Ah, so it is. Hadn’t checked their site for a while. Here is what they have posted on the tech news:


NOTE: Predictor@Home is offline while we implement new methods of protein structure prediction. The Mfold series of work has concluded. You can find information about other projects you may want to contribute to here: