Sgt Bilko TPR Meet 2018


Please post in here if attending :slight_smile:

I think this is the right one, since the new landlord took over the link to the website is now down.

We are set for the weekend of Friday 31st August. Friday afternoon to Sunday A.M. Need to keep numbers to around 25-30 people for the first run at this venue. There are two rooms at the pub available, also the landlord has agreed we can have 2 people sleep in the fuction room to guard the equipment ovenight, so 2 people with sleeping bags get free accomidation. The car park is HUGE, so anyone with a camper or similar could park up if needed, also a bunch of cheap local accomodation is nearby, details as in previous post. We need to find our feet with this venue, so for the first run iā€™d suggest keeping kit to a minimum for gaming, laptops preferred and no huge monitors, table space is at a premium. We have 2 good rooms which can both be connected with a network link, but could do with a few more tables so hence iā€™d like to keep it simple and see how this rolls out.

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