She's orf again

Now as many will know me and Bev are divorced, and as some will know we are still very good mates.

For those who know Bev you will know she is into fitness and all, and she is orf running again. Now I don’t share her hamster-wheel tendancies (the only way I’d do a marathon is on PS3, 26 miles? Where’s me car keys!) but she’s running to raise cash for a good cause and also to put a tick in one of those “I wish I had…” boxes.

She’ll be running (and I don’t doubt completing) the London Marathon this year, so I thought for those interested I’d pop the details in here. Feel free to tell her she is clearly insane (obviously) leave messages of support, donate plasters for her sore feet, talk her out of it, or generally just spam it up. I’ll send her a link to the thread she may even pop in and give you progress updates you never know.

Secondly, for those interested in supporting her financially there is a Justgiving page HERE.

I was told to be subtle, did I do OK??

I think we get the gist Mojo :smiley: Certainly will assist.
Droid<---------- is a sucker for a good cause

Will be donating on Wed :smiley: And stickied :wink:

Thanks Hids you are a star :kisskiss:

I thought we established that you were the star :wink: Oh and it’s going in the kitchen instead of bedroom cause I’ll be able to drool over it more :lol:

Subtle as a brick, Mojo - but that is the only way of getting noticed around here :smiley:

Bev - I wish you all the luck in the world. I could not do it, but will look out for you on the TV coverage. Well done - whatever the outcome.

cough TPR T-Shirt cough :lol:


I was told to be subtle, did I do OK??[/QUOTE]

In aerodynamic terms, you are a breeze block of subtlety:D

Hi - it’s me - Bev :wave:

In response to Mojo’s thread (thanks Mojo) I thought I’d get myself a login and thank those people that have already sponsored me and thanks to those who have said that they are going to.

Yes I now think I’m mad doing this run - I’ve also got a place on the Edinburgh marathon 6 weeks later - not sure I’ll make that one!!! :frowning:

I’ve got 8 weeks of training to go and completed 9 miles today - only another 17 to go!!! In total this week, I’ve run 30 miles - just need to do it in 1 day now instead of spread over 6 days!!!

You’ll easily see me on the TV as I’ll be the one right at the back with the staff closing the course behind me! :whiteflag: As long as I get back before the pubs shuts then that’ll do :wasted:

I’ll keep you posted about my progress - might even make 10 miles next weekend :trophy:

Anyway - thanks again everyone :mexwave:

You can do it Bev, we know you can :thumbsup:

We’re all behind you Bev. Good luck with the training and I’m sure you’ll do it. :cheers:

Uodate -Bev was going to do these but the dotty baggage has probably forgot :sigh: :wink:

Aided by grit and determination training is going well, one calf strain is the only sign of weakness so far, she is running 6-7mph training runs quite easily looking at the data I have.

Any more for the donations??

a good bump - now we’ve had a payday :smiley:


Gee, have we? That means you are all flush then, what a happy accident :sneaky:

Please tell Bev I’m sorry I haven’t done this yet Mojo. First thing Wednesday it shall be done :slight_smile:

I hadn’t forgot - just been busy running along the North Wales Coastline! :stomp:

Ran 11.5 miles yesterday in 20mph winds! Nearly ended up in The Isle of Man!! Got a massive blister on my toe but a few beers in the evening relieved the pain!! :drink:

Next saturday I’ll be aiming for 13 miles - so halfway! :yippee:

Thanks again to those people who have sponsored me.

Done and bump :smiley:

Ran 11.5 miles yesterday in 20mph winds![/QUOTE]

with the wind behind you with the storms at the moment, I bet you could beat your time for that one :slight_smile:

Oh, btw, bumpity bump


The bump made me remember I hadn’t donated, wallet was near by so donation made.

Enjoy your run Bev and when you want a break in the (almost) Highlands you know where we are, well I suppose technicaly you don’t anymore but you know what I mean :slight_smile:

Well I’m getting scared now :eek: - only 4.5 weeks to go!!! I ran 13 miles last weekend and felt fine after it - felt even better when Wales beat Ireland in the Six Nations!!!

This Saturday the training plan is:

  • Get up and eat loads of porridge, followed by toast with peanut butter and banana - yum, yum!
  • Walk dog and wait for all those carbs to digest.
  • Run round Whitchurch 3 times = 15 miles = 2.5 hours!
  • Get showered, eat more carbs, pack dog & me into car and get to Llandudno
  • Walk dog then meet Dad in the Rugby Club to watch the Wales v France game.
  • Have a few shandies (!) and get very, very drunk when Wales win the Grand Slam yet again!! :trophy:
  • Call mum for lift home and get an early night OR go out on the town with the Rugby Club and get in late! :wasted:

This running training sounds ok doesn’t it!!!:slight_smile:

On a serious note (!) - thanks again to all those who have donated - I’m over the half way mark now - the £1300 is in sight!