SHOCK HORROR - DT got Plaster...


and I know you all expect plastered !!! :cheers:

I am now, drinking, but spent most of the day in the bathroom, preparing the walls for the re-tiling and plastering the wall that fell on me last week.

I reckon I’ll finish the bathroom before Balrog does his front room :lol: :devil: (now where is that post o bump again:devil: )

Aim is to finish before Mojo’s or it’ll be a no Mojo’s for me. Thats the best motivation for me, a weekend of missing out on beer :scared:

As per the linux diskless and thoughts of gaffer taping me away from the bar, you’ll never get it to work then PMM, I did mine after many a beer :smiley:


Fosters Export tonight, on special at the corner shop !

update even with a 12" desk fan and a de-humidifier, one of the walls is taking an age to dry out. The plastering I did is all dry, but as the other wall is still wet cant start the tiling yet :mad:

I may have to rethink my deadline :sneaky: