hey people, its comming up to the end of the month and i want a nice shiny new pc, having put some thought into it i have decided that a shuttle is what i want.

what i want is something that is duel core compatable (tho right now theres no way i can afford a duel core chip). i also dont have the cash to splash on a new graphics card… so that being said i was thinking about


as a base for my next machine…

what do you guys think? will i be able to run games on the onboard graphics or will i need to go out n buy a new card strait away?

im sure there are more questions but i cant think of them right now

On board gfx are a bit pants according to Hexus :frowning:

I presume it depends on the type of games, but certainly the xpress200 has no poke so to speak so anything graphically heavy in the 3d department will suffer badly compared to a decent card.

im mainly playing WoW but i really enjoy 1st person games, in the long run i would be putting a proper card in it, but anything i can do to spread the cost out makes sence to me, hence wanting a machine that was duel core compatable even tho i wont be putting a duel core chip in there yet.

current games im playing are WoW and half life 2 (soon to be aftermath) :slight_smile:

Considered the SN21G5? 6100 might be a little bit more capable, though I haven’t looked at reviews.

EDIT: Had a quick look, seems pretty dire there too :P.

Its the whole ball game of shared memory, so in essance also drags down
std system performance as well.

i am gonna be putting as a min 2gb ofram in there…

ok having given this some thought i know i want a shuttle sized machine, i have a totaly of £500 to spend accross 2 months, i want it to have duel core ability and be upgradeable over the next few years.

i want to be able to play WoW at a large res, and some 1st person games as well.

given that the shuttle i found seems a bit sucky i throw it open to you guys to spec me a machine, preferably with links to the hardware :wink:


For gaming I would go for at least a mid range video card even if it means sacraficing CPU to do it. Let’s see… quick look shows following possible buying from new:
ST20G5 around £230
7600GS 256MB around £90
2x1GB ram from about £115 depending on brand
Venice 3200+ from £90

Assuming you can recycle existing disks. An AGP Shuttle is possible for a bit less, but will hinder you in long term graphics wise. I did not check that particular shuttle supports dual core CPUs. Used parts can considerably cut costs. I did not shop around, the above prices are from a single site which may not be cheepest.