Sig Please

hi can you make me a sig for my alliance, the protectors? Uni 2

hello anyone there?

Any idea of a style you might want, any graphics you may already have, that sort of thing? Let me know.

I got a pictute that i like but i have never seen one that has been made before so i do not mind: here is the picture i had and the one i have now. and

As I say i do not mind if u do not wanna do it:p

i tried taking a picture and copying to adobephotoshop. I made the text i liked but it was not nearly as good as cursed one or the top ranking alliances. And also once i got one that looked good i did not know how to put it on the internet. As for styles i do not know what u mean. Soz

I’ll have a play with it and see what I can do for you m8

thanks very much!

I got this as well:

Very nice. Is the one I mailed you OK?