Six-Nations rugby in 3D - Coming soon....

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[I]"BBC to start 3D film trials at Six Nations Rubgy
By Stuart Miles Pocket-lint - Friday, February 29 12:02 amThe BBC is to trial filming in 3D to a select audience next month.

The Beeb plans to film the England and Scotland game of the Rubgy Six Nations.

According to reports online although technical details for the event have not been finalised it is understood that three 3D rigs comprising dual Sony HDC950s will capture the action.

One will be positioned up high for wide shots with two at pitch level. The dual HD streams will be transmitted multiplexed to down link at Riverside Studios, demultiplexed and combined on reception before projection onto a large screen for an audience wearing stereoscopic glasses.

Meanwhile Samsung has launched two 3D ready plasmas in Korea.

Available in 42 and 50-inch sizes the PAVV Cannes 450 has a 30,000:1 ratio and 3D content support. It will work with 3D software and 3D glasses. The flagship model, the Cannes 550, will offer HD 3D footage.

Reports suggest the 50-inch model will cost around £2000."[/I]

Should be interesting.

Cool :smiley:

For £2000 i would expect the glasses to be ‘inbuilt’ :stuck_out_tongue: