SkyNet anyone?

Beeb news article here:
Website here:

Website is a little light on details but I just signed up and waiting for the activation e-mail now.

Maybe I’m getting old. I remember when I said I wouldn’t touch anything BOINC. Now I’m practically too lazy to touch anything not BOINC… at this point I don’t know if the project is BOINC or not.

Not boinc. Uses either a web app or its own client.

Getting annoyed with the client now. The web one I’m not sure is doing anything as I’m not seeing CPU usage beyond my normal crunching. The stand alone one wont install saying I need java, which I have.

Its started be afraid be very afraid :borg:


Does anyone want to start up an Alliance?

im running client as well ill setup an alliance usual name


doesn’t seem to use much to run this project at all, CPU usage is keeping quite low for me and it’s a single core job as well, I think the linux is reported as using all cores but having just installed it I’ll let you know in a bit.


any chance the typo could be corrected in the alliance name :slight_smile:

Phoenix :wink:

sorry, tried to rectify but cant made dt admin as well as me

I’m in. Got both work PCs set up and will take care of my home PC tonight after work. :slight_smile:

I threw the big gun at it last night, 700 credits in about 8hours :woot:

Looks worth a shot. Is it true that it takes a while to find out that you’ve been credited? Not that I’m bothered, just curios.

Sorry to have been away so long, btw, family thing…

Doesn’t appear to be. Seems like you get credited right away. Now, if you then go and look at our team summary, it’s a little behind but I think they must just update that daily or something. :slight_smile:

had a single core service ticking away for a month or so now, and still like the “open a window” method to run the client.

Alliance wise, top 100 soon hopefully :slight_smile:


Ooo a new project!

Got a core on it!! :slight_smile:


Jumped back on this with about 6-7 machines over the weekend :slight_smile: alliance has gone up to 99 in the ranks from 101 :slight_smile: nice movement :slight_smile:

8 Machines now… as they defrag they run this… :smiley:

We are upto 98 now :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: Nice one sheepy :smiley: