Skype ?

Anybody else used Skype ?

Been using it for a few weeks now and I think by comparison Teamspeak is dead in the water for audio quality.

It even works on TFW-Labs© approved hardware :smiley:

I use it regularly for talking to England and Spain, also once to South Africa. Sound quality is brilliant if the other end has Skype too, pretty good even if you’re phoning a normal telephone (in which case the international call is quite cheap.)

yup - I got it registered on it last week to talk to the Major and was well impressed with quality and ease of use :thumbsup:


Got it here to use it to talk to parents for free. Leaving more money for other stuff :slight_smile:

International calls it’s extremely cheap! 10 minute call to France cost a couple of euro cent things…

Have to admit I’ve not used Skype recently - is there free conference calling? Otherwise I see it as a different usage from Teamspeak. In my gaming I use Ventrilo, there’s a huge quality increase if set to use 22k sampling rate over the default 11k.

Well you can imagine that I do use it, considering my employer. Sound quality is superb.
Up to 4 way conference calling.
Not used the Skype-in/out features but I am told by my work m8’s it is great.

I use my Vonage VoIP acount for all the work non-Skype related voice traffic and I suspect that I use 4K minutes a month on it for a fixed fee of $24.99, well below a penny a minute. It is connected to the in home wired jacks and uses conventional PSTN handsets. I know the local cable and phone compaies are worried. After I moved my line to Vonage, I got a call from one of them, wondering why! :lol:

I now have one line that is powered by the cable company and one powered by Vonage.VoIP. If it works out OK I may move the other line to IP based, possibly Skype.

Just got myself VoiPed up at home. Using X-lite and the ISPs free 0845 number registration (UCP) ;). Might look at Skype as a second service.

How long do you recon before the telesales crowd get in on calling.

Been using it for ages to make calls to canada, sounds better then using the phone :stuck_out_tongue:

ps skype name aphex180, more then welcome to add me.

Just downloaded as well. Seems to sit alongside the X-lite softphone OK (unless you try to make a call on both at the same time :smiley: ) but seem to get the occasional error when quitting Firefox.
Anyone else got this.