Slackers thread (Amnesty)

so who doesnt have AC and has turned off /downclocked any rigs?

immunity from persecution follows



4 dualies and 1 single CPU machine turned off since about 8pm - just toooooooooo damn hot :stuck_out_tongue:

Will be going back on soon though :slight_smile:

There have been several confessions here and on IRC from those who turned off computers for personal comfort. It’s one of the seedier sides of TPR that we have members who would actually turn a computer off for mere convenience. :mad:

Well… sorry guys, but I tried :frowning:

had the bugger restart on me 3 times, so ripped it apart, cleaned all the fluff out, fitted another case fan :smiley:

got it up and running ok, then had a local power cut :eek:

… but it’s alright now (Free) :flip:

No problems with overheating here squire!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

/me gets coat, and both P2-400mhz rigs under each arm…

Cases OFF & Crunchin’ ON. :slight_smile:

Ya sissy Northerners (as in north of Brighton), its like this on the south coast all the time. :smiley:

Forecast for me in the USA is 80 degrees F. and Rain for the next 10 DAYS!!! weather is horrible here…so cold and rainy all the time.

Originally posted by smiles
Forecast for me in the USA is 80 degrees F. and Rain for the next 10 DAYS!!! weather is horrible here…so cold and rainy all the time.

You must feel like you actually live in London. :frowning:

Originally posted by O’Borg

I’ve had to shut down my Barton3200 due to BSODs twice in the same day - overheating I suspect. [/B]

Now that you’ve confessed O’Borg how do you answer the charge? :smiley:

Mine all stayed working through the night here, must say I was a little worried that I may find crashed pc’s this morning.

It’s meant to be getting even hotter this week in the UK :eek:

My computers are cool but my wife touching them is another matter. She used my daughter’s 2.66Ghz P4 last evening. I checked it when she was done. She had turned it off. :mad:
I woke up at 2AM this morning, figured I’d check on my Thinkpad which my wife used to check airline schedules with. She had stuck a telephone cord into the LAN port and had unplugged the power cord. The battery had drained. Several more lost woots. :mad:

:frowning: i’m down to one rig at the mo, heat and a power glitch wrecked one rig and blew the Gfx card in the other

now i’m getting worried about this puter with the heat, cause i cant take the sides off… tried to climb inside last time :eek:

3 down atm, all mine are in the loft and its not good up there in these temps :frowning:

Setiqueue has lots of red stuff on it right now :eek:

The Barton has been downclocked from 2288mhz to 2088mhz (still up from the stock XP2500 spec tho) so I can run at 1.8v instead of 1.875. WU times have gone from average of 2hrs 8 mins to 2hrs 30mins-ish.
The Duron 1ghz has been turned off completely - it’s just not worth the electricity if I run it any slower. :frowning:

All my works stuff is still running - barring a P3/500 which my boss wanted to use all yesterday so I’ve lost a day and nights crunching from that.

Both xp1700 s now down to 12X185 (12X200 during the winter)
will probably have to go down another 5 soon . no more sub 2 hour WUs for a while :frowning:

Everything on here … well until 5am this morning when the power went out :rolleyes:

Sod that!

Full steam ahead - with the emphasis on the steam :wink:

i would just like to admit that i HAVE turned seti off due to the heat and that i was playing EVE - online the full day yesterday and didnt crunch 1 unit

im sorry :frowning:

my other rigs were on tho :wink:

All systems on and accounted for. Just paying a little more on the leccy bill. I keep the office door shut most of the time, the thermostat reads at the center of the house. I’ve noticed it’s about 8 or 9 degrees warmer in the office and I’ve only two machines running. Mel’s machine is upstairs and the air doesn’t do too well up there to cool things down so I have to keep an eye on it, may have to shut it down if it breaks 90 outside. We’ve been lucky so far, this has been the coolest summer we’ve had in what seems like at least a decade.

All maschines still crunching.:cool:
But these temps we have here are not normal.:dizzy:

We have currently 33°C outside . The room where they are is about 26-28°C.
The P4 2@2,3 with Intel HS/F cocks at 60-62°C while my P4 1,8/2,3 TT Spark7 cocks at 50-54°C. AthlonXP 2000+ is at 60°C (the poor little one;) )
And the forecast say it’s getting even hotter till. Predicted are up to 37°C localy even 40°C.Thats gonna :smackbum: my babies

All systems are GO!, here, even if its hot outside i dont get more than 27c inside, ive spread the comps all over the house, to prevent overheating in one room :smiley: