Slipped off My Downhill Mountain Bike!

Had a little fall off my bike last Sunday and got a little scratch on my leg, have a look at the pics! :smiley: (caution: only look if you haven’t just eaten!)

wow thats a nice one!.
helen said that looks sore…
err duh…:stuck_out_tongue:

OMG that i wouldnt call a little scratch if that was me everyone on TPR all over the world would have known about it with the screems comming from me it looks a nasty one :frowning:

Big hugs from me and hope you are better soon

Helen xx

Tis a mere flesh wound :wink:
Bet you just did it to check the nurses out :smiley:

Eeeoooo!! Nasty one that m8. :eek: Set of motorcycle leathers needed in future, I’d say :smiley:

You’ve not been in a hospital recently obviously! The nurses were amazing, but hot they were not! :wink:

Leathers, they would help but they might be a tad hot on the walk back up on a summers day !

To all the ladies worried about cellulite…

that yellow stuff proves that even fit people have fat!

seriously though, looks painful, hope you get patched up and back on the bike soon mate. what actually did the damage, it looks a pretty clean rip?

Bet that hurts slightly :eek:

wowsers what on earth did you land on? A bed of daggers? :eek:

I know what you mean about the fat, I sure as hell know my waist line has a bit but I didn’t think my legs had any, eeeeeewwwwwww!

I just fell off and slid down a mud bank, unfortunatly there was a dagger like broken flint sticking out of it that went through my skin like a knife through hot butter. Certainly surprised me :rolleyes:

Well that explains why it’s such a clean cut, looks like cavemen knew a thing or two.

Ha ha ha ha ha, god that’s a laugh, teach you to go haring around the countryside tearing up all those lovely nature walks!

Only kidding, i too know the feeling of push rod accidents, as i ended up with a pedal cylinder (you know when your pedal loses it’s outer bits and you are just left with a solid metal cylinder) stuck through my thigh, i wondered what was going on when i tried to stand up and the bike was doing it’s best to follow me around when i was walking.

Hope the stitches hurt like hell, and get really itchy too! (I’m just getting over 6 internal and 10 external stitches from a epigastric hernia op and they itch like f**K!)

Lucky that didn’t damage the muscle. Could have been much worse. You’ll have quite the scar to impress the ladies, and no-one will refer to you as “hop-a-long” later on in life.

Slipped ???
Looks more like a full blown base over apex to me :smiley:

Thats beutiful, really it is.

Damn it I knew someone would say it !

Hope that heals up o.k, how many internal stitches was that ?

I don’t know, everyone keeps asking me how many. I’ll count the external ones today when I’m at the doctors, I’m guessing it’s a few though, I can’t wait to have them out, I bet that’s not going to sting! :wink:

TBH it dont hurt, its more like a wierd sensation :wink: & i am suprised they didn’t use self disolving but then looking at the cut… i am suprises they didn’t use stapels

Don’t Nuts or Zoo magazine do a feature on interesting injuries? i’m sure this would be worthy of an entry- Make some money out of the misfortune.
That kinda makes all my cycling injuries look like scratches, though i thought at the time that my arm was falling off.


4 wheels is good, 2 wheels is better. is that how the saying goes?

i know what its like having a bad d/h accident, hope you heal quickly and that you dont have to much trouble getting back on 2 wheels :slight_smile: