Sluggish Enhanced?

has anyone noticed that since enhanced as came out thier machines have been sluggish?
i dont mean results are slower, cus i understand they need more time… i mean, switching between applications and such?
i went to watch TV for 1½ hours, i came back and my computer had trouble moving the mouse around without jumping thankfully, it seems to have woken up and seti as allowed the rest of my computer to actually do something…

it just seems that its not letting go of its Processing power without a fight…
it still has the lowest Prioity, so i aint sure whats going on

I found Predictor did that a while ago.

Never figured what i was so Ichanged projects for a bit then came back to it.

OK, a quick rundown on the paging file in windows. The key being you left your machine. During “normal” use, application that you are using are giving a higher priority and hence they get the memory blocks for paging. You leave your computer idle, Windows then places blocks in memory to disk paging once they have not been accessed for a while. Now if you leave say Outlook or IE open when you leave your machine and then return and use the same instances, you will find them sluggish for a short while as the HD page is returned to the RAM.

An idle machine will do this everytime, and is why is the business support, most support is after lunch with a “my machine is running slow”. This is due to this paging effect of the windows operating system.

If you leave your machine crunching whilst you are away - close applications when you go and they will not seem as sluggish when you return as they will load straight to the RAM page rather than having to pull out from the HD page back into RAM. So what has most likely happened to you is that the Seti application has stopped using some RAM, some HD and gone to all RAM. This would therefore make your system get very sluggish.

Try leaving it with apps closed when you leave. This experience is even worse on laptops :cry:


kk :slight_smile: thankie DT